All solutions in the videos and pictures have been conseptualised, designed, manufactured and installed by Christo Keyser, Owner of Misting SA.

NEW Dust Blaster Diesel 630D
NEW Dust Blaster Diesel 630D
Custom built mobile dust blaster
Custom built mobile dust blaster
Dust Blaster
Dust Blaster

Dust Blaster

The locally manufactured Dust Blaster has exclusive technology which has been engineered for efficient and effective dust suppression in commercial and industrial environments. The hydraulic machines are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

This ground breaking heavy duty dust suppression machine sets new benchmarks in safety, efficiency and environmental impact without compromising on performance output. Designed for low power and water use, the Dust Blaster combines a powerful fan with high launch efficiency, to cover areas in excess of up to 5000m2 from a static location.

The Dust Blaster is designed and customised to suite each client's needs, to guarantee successful dust control.

Misting specs

  • High Pressure misting nozzles mounted on individual crowns atomise water into billions of micro-fine droplets (between 50 and 200 microns) that readily bond to similar sized airborne dust particles, the result is an extremely effective means of dust suppression.
  • Variable water flow allows the user to manage the volume of mist to suit the current conditions and the intensity of the dust present
  • High Pressure misting pump (variable flow rates)
  • Control Panel
  • Filtration system
  • Tank (various sizes)
  • Optional dosing pump
  • Optional dust suppression chemicals

Dust Blaster Fan Specifications

  • 7.5 kw Electrical Motor, voltage to be specified
  • Complete release cone with screen
  • Airflow and pressure of fans are adjustable
  • Galvanized 500mm fan, with 250mm core and 14 blade impeller
  • Variable airflow and pressure

Dust Blaster custom designed mounting options

  • Skid mounted galvanized steel frame
  • Hand operated for required height adjustment
  • Electrical oscillating
  • Pole mount
  • Wall mount
  • Roof mount
  • Self-contained mobile machines, inclusive of generator
  • Trailer mounted
  • Master and slave configurations
  • Vehicle mounted

Benefits of Misting the custom built Misting SA Dust Blaster

  • Effectively capture dust particles of PM20 or less reducing breathable or fugitive dust in the surrounding air
  • Use significantly less water than traditional water sprinklers and hose systems
  • Limit muddy and boggy conditions /problems as there is minimal or no groundwater present
  • Reduce clean-up costs as the surrounding surface area has little moisture
  • Prevent site and demolition rubble from over saturation (by traditional hose down methods), saving money on trucking weight to landfills
  • Decrease machine maintenance costs by lowering equipment abrasion rates caused by dust
  • Reduce personnel costs employed to spray the work site, freeing up manpower for more important tasks
  • Improve work force safety with an automated remote controlled system
  • Adhere to Health and safety regulations by significantly reducing dust emissions from your business operation abiding with ambient air quality standards

All solutions in the videos and pictures have been conseptualised, designed, manufactured and installed by Christo Keyser, Owner of Misting SA.

Fields of Application

  • Mining Sites  
  • Construction Sites
  • Demolition Sites
  • Cement Plants and Concrete Mixing Plants
  • Foundries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Quarries
  • Recycling and Processing Plants
  • Wood Processing Plants
  • Compost Production Plants
  • Waste Disposal Sites
  • Road Construction
  • Tunnelling
  • Ship loading / Unloading operations in Industrial Ports

Mini Dust Blaster
Mini Dust Blaster

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