Industrial/Factory Cooling
Industrial/Factory Cooling
Industrial/Factory Cooling
Industrial/Factory Cooling
Industrial/Factory Cooling
Industrial/Factory Cooling

Industrial/Factory Cooling

The Occupational Health and Safety Act, states that every employer shall provide and maintain, as far as reasonably practicable, a working environment that is safe, and without risk to the health of his/her employees

Increase your productivity through the installation of Static Misting lines and Misting fans which reduce heat stress.

What can you do to prevent heat-related conditions?

Misting SA specialises in workplace environmental control, which includes cooling, dust or fugitive suppression, and odour control, at a fraction of the price of conventional systems.
Maximise productivity as flash evaporation provides up to a 12 degree Celsius  temperature reduction, minimizing heat stress, and ensuring a comfortable working environment

  • Protect employees health by removing breathable and fugitive dust and particulate from entering the work space or atmosphere
  • Low initial capital outlay, low running costs and minimal maintenance
  • Allows for simple adherence to strict environmental control legislation in large, open / enclosed manufacturing and related industries
  • Each system is custom designed, manufactured and installed according to your unique requirements

The Misting system can be developed to serve as a viable airborne odour control option, by including the necessary components in the system design

Suitable for

  • Production facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Assembly facilities
  • Machinery and engine rooms
  • Goods receiving areas
  • Packing and distribution warehouses

How it works:

Using a high-pressure pump, water is forced through tubing, which is attached to, suspended from a structure or incorporated into a fan – through specially designed mist nozzles.  The water is atomised into micron size droplets, (about one-half the diameter of a strand of hair).  The droplet, upon contact with hot, dry air results in: 

  • flash evaporation, causing immediate temperature decline
  • attracts and suppress PM10 and smaller dust particles
  • no wetting of floors or  expensive machinery as the mist evaporates instantaneously

This ideal solution is the most economical for cooling warehouses or shop areas and fans work well to create "cooling zones".

What components are needed for a misting system?

The required components for a misting system includes

  • Misting SA High pressure tubing (Nylon , Stainless steel or Copper)
  • Misting SA misting nozzles
  • Misting SA Filtration Housing and cartridge
  • Misting SA Pressure Switch
  • Misting SA Solenoid Valves (low and high pressure)
  • Misting SA  Anti drip valve
  • Misting SA high pressure misting pumps (various flow rates)
  • Misting SA Humidity and temperature controllers * Optional
  • Misting SA ventilation equipment. * Optional
  • * Additional components (such as wall mounted fans, extractor fans, Humidity and Temperature controllers) may be required for custom designed solutions.   

Heat Stress Fact Sheet

What is heat stress?

  • When the body is unable to cool itself by sweating, several heat-induced illnesses such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion and the more severe heat stroke can occur.

What kind of heat disorders can occur?

Heat stroke is the most serious disorder associated with heat stress. It occurs when the body’s temperature regulation fails and body temperature rises to critical levels. It is a medical emergency that can lead to death. Heat exhaustion is a result of the combination of excessive heat and dehydration. Untreated, heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke. Heat cramps are usually the result of hard physical labour in a hot environment, often resulting from an imbalance of electrolytes in the body. Heat rashes are a common problem resulting from persistent wetting of clothing by evaporated sweat.

How am I exposed?

Any process or job site that is likely to:

  • raise the worker’s deep core temperature
  • operations involving high air temperatures,
  • radiant heat sources,
  • high humidity,    
  • direct physical contact with hot objects,
  • or strenuous physical activities

Have a high potential for inducing heat stress in employees.

Industrial/Factory Cooling
Industrial/Factory Cooling
Industrial/Factory Cooling
Industrial/Factory Cooling

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