Insect Control Misting Applications

The application of insecticides is the predominant method by which man attempts to control the size of insect populations. Due to environmental and economical reasons, it is desirable to treat a given area with the least amount of insecticide that can be made to be effective. The most efficient method is to break up the liquids into aerosols and distribute these fine droplets over the target area. The small droplets stay suspended for longer periods of time due to their size and are distributed more evenly, providing longer effectiveness.

The term ULV is an abbreviation for Ultra-Low-Volume, the technology used to treat areas with small amounts of chemical in an aerosol form. These chemicals are usually in a more concentrated state than chemicals used in other methods of application.

We offer various systems to suit your needs eg:

1. A Mist Perimeter System

A  Mist Perimeter System
We utilize a high pressure mist system to distribute bio-friendly insecticide to insect infected areas.  The misting system is vital for successful insect control by adding a bio friendly insecticide to the mist and ensuring that it destroys the insect as well as the complete breeding cycle.

The high pressure mist perimeter system consists of durable nylon tubing around the perimeter of the yard, attached will be the misting nozzles that releases the environmental friendly insecticide which is controlled by a timer.

Custom built Mist Perimeter System

Custom built Mist Perimeter System includes the following:

  • High pressure Misting Pump
  • Timer
  • 100 Liter chemical tank
  •  Misting Bodies  (Amount of bodies depend on size of system)
  • Misting Nozzles  (Amount of nozzles depend on size of system)
  • High pressure nylon tubing  (Amount of Tubing depend on size of system)

2. Trailer/Vehicle  Mounted ULV Fogger

Trailer  / Vehicle  Mounted ULV Fogger

Misting SA ULV Trailer/Vehicle Mounted Fogging Machine is designed to disperse concentrated formulations at flow rates in the range of (15-590 ml/min) with droplet sizes less than 20 microns VMD (volume-median-diameter). When equipped with the Pumping System, flow rates of up to 3560 ml/min.) are possible. This machine is to be vehicle or trailer mounted

Working Principles

An 11 horsepower, four-cycle gasoline engine is used to drive a positive displacement backward curved centrifugal operating fan to generate (3.5 cu.m./min) of air. The air entering the fan is first filtered through a large steel filtering grid. The speed of the engine (approximately 3600 rpm maximum) moves this large air mass through the boom assembly. Attached to the boom assembly are nozzles. The nozzle has six stationary fins that create a swirling effect of the air mass as it leaves the nozzle. In the centre of this swirling air mass is a liquid supply spray tube. The spray tube directs the formulation into the air mass where it is sheared into billions of tiny droplets and dispersed into the atmosphere. The formulation is delivered into the spray tube by means of a 24 volt DC pump that draws the formulation from the tank, through a filter, then pumps it into the nozzle spray tube.

3. ULV Hand Held Fogger:

ULV Hand Held Fogge

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