It is often desirable to control and/or monitor the temperature and humidity of the environment in various industrial processes, and often, higher staff productivity is achieved by the simple expedient of changing the work environment to a more pleasant or bearable one. Temperature control is relatively easily achieved by the usual means, but is much more cost effective when misting systems are used to cool (or pre-cool) the air, or to improve the heat exchange cycle of condensers, etc.

Humidity control is less easily achieved due to the shortage of accurate humidity measurement sensors and the lack of understanding of the importance of humidity control throughout industry.

Typical environments

Humidity control and generation is very much dependent on the type of environment (enclosed/large/small/closed air loop) to be controlled and monitored.

These ranges from

  • control of egg incubators (typically from 0.5 cubic meters upwards) which are semi-closed systems requiring little humidity generation (typically achieved by controlling air flow in an evaporator);
  • to bread dough ‘proving rooms’ which require controlled temperature and extremely high humidity (typically generated by submerged heating elements promoting water evaporation);
  • cold rooms,
  • factory floors,
  • storage areas for static sensitive components,
  • testing laboratories,
  • terrariums
  • greenhouses,
  • chicken hatcheries, etc
  •  open-air environments (typically nurseries with plants under shade netting, coffee shops (both for temperature and humidity);
  • and also widely in use to keep produce fresh and vegetables crisp.

Humidity measurement

Misting SA utilizes digital controllers that use digital humidity sensors. These sensors are extremely accurate and consistent and therefore allow a very fine control of the typical industrial environments requiring improvement or homeostasis.  We also do programmable PLC based controllers for  multi zone and multi  input systems

Typical sensor accuracy is better than 0.3C and 3% RH. Since the systems may also be calibrated they are superior and very reliable. They are in use in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. These controllers have proven themselves over time and without exception have saved the clients’ money and improved their production yields or sales.

The system is also very flexible and may be set up with various control variables to optimise the management of any given system, regardless of the humidity generation method used. As the systems measure the final status of any given environment, you have immediate feedback as to the current conditions at any given time.

It is therefore clear that Misting SA has the expertise, experience and tools at their disposal to ensure that clients benefit, whether via product improvement, staff production increase, conformity to end-user specifications regarding handling and storage, or many other potentially money-spinning aspects of environmental control. Electronic systems are extremely accurate and allow flexible set-up of the various control variables. All in all this allows for a very dependable and robust solution to ensure the best environment for your farm, factory, product or staff.


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